Wedding Blog: Jhang & Dylyn (Church Wedding Photo)

This is a #throwback to an eventful wedding we shot in Manila, Philippines for Jhang & Dylyn.

What we loved most about it is the exchange of international culture between the Groom’s family from Singapore and the Bride’s family from the Philippines. We were set-out to capture¬†emotional moments of the Couple & their family as the Bride returns to her home country to marry the man of her life whom she met in Singapore.

The day started early in the morning as the bride and groom prepared individually to look their best. The groom had to wait for the church ceremony to catch a glimpse of his beautiful bride. The Bride wore an elegant white gown with veil while the Groom was dressed in a white Barong Tagalog, a traditional Philippines formal dressing for men.

The ceremony started with the sponsors leading the march-in, followed by the Groomsmen & Bridesmaid, flower girls and finally the smiling Bride accompanied by her loving parents. As the parents hand their daughter over to the groom, the Bride gave her parents each a kiss before stepping up for the Mass service with her groom.
The ceremony involved blessing from the priests, exchange of vows, exchange of rings, gifting of the arrhae (a symbol of groom’s “monetary gift” to the bride, a “pledge” that the groom is devoted to the welfare and well-being of his wife and future offspring), draping of the veil and wedding cord over the couple, the Holy Communion, and finally the unveiling of the Bride and the crowd’s favourite “Kissing of the Bride”.
Happy smiles, and tears of joy were present throughout the ceremony.

After the church ceremony, the guests were chaperoned to the lunch reception venue where the guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch. During the reception, a pair of white doves (male & female) were released by the couple, something which we don’t usually see in Singapore. This action symbolized marital harmony and peace.
After cutting the wedding cake, the playful couple shared an intimate moment teasing each other with the cake as they fed each other to the laughters of friends and relatives. A toast initiated by the best-man was followed by speeches of close relatives and friends. The next activity was the “Father & Daughter dance” as the MC invited the Bride and her father for a dance. The teary-eyed Bride was filled with emotions as the Groom took over from his father-in-law the dance. A series of games involving the couple and the “single” guests lasted throughout the banquet, coupled with great singing and music from the live band.

All-in-all, this was definitely an unforgettable wedding! Do check out more of our Wedding Photos and Wedding Videos and Wedding Packages Singapore.