Wedding Blog: Kenny & Grace AD Wedding Photo

Wedding-Blog-Wedding-Photo-Singapore-Outdoor-Group-Photo-coverWe were blessed with great weather and clear blue skies for Kenny & Grace’s wedding day! The joyful couple was supported by a group sporting and spontaneous Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, making the entire day’s customaries and schedule smooth and fluid.

Gatecrash games involved many popular favorites like Super spicy korean noodles, Bitter gourd juice, Bursting balloons with body parts, Pocky 1cm mouth-to-mouth, etc.

During their R.O.M solemnization in the evening, they were solemnized by the friendly Justice of Peace, Mr Francis Ng. Everyone was in a jolly mood as the wedding rings (wedding bands) were exchanged.

Dinner banquet was held in Hotel Jen Tanglin. Nice and cosy banquet hall with spacious reception area supported by a bunch of friendly and helpful banquet coordinators!

Here are some little snippets of their Wedding Photo and do check out their morning highlight video SDE here as well.